These People Made An Attempt, And That’s All That Really Matters

If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again— unless, of course, you injured yourself or somebody else during your first attempt. Then it’s probably best that you don’t attempt to do that thing again.
These people all tried really hard, but unfortunately for them, really hard wasn’t good enough. Fortunately for us, their failed efforts were caught on camera, so now we get to enjoy their misfortune. Keep reading to see the cringiest failed dab, a theft attempt gone wrong, and a wine hack that ended poorly.
T-Mobile Tried To Be Helpful

I’ve got to say, that’s a pretty generous 8. If my phone company wouldn’t deliver my text messages, I’d give it a 5 at most.
Delivering text messages is one of the only things that phone companies have to do. It’s a pretty good joke, though. I’d rate the joke a 10.
Calm, Cool, Collected

I’m pretty impressed that the reporter just flinched a little bit instead of completely freaking out. If there was an object zipping by my head at a super high speed, I wouldn’t be able to talk right through it.
The cameraman could have given him a heads up.
Harrison Ford Tried To Tell A Knock Knock Joke

I can only aspire to be as attractive and as much of a troll as Adam Driver. Look at Harrison Ford’s face. He doesn’t even know what to do with himself.
He’s never had such an adorable face shut him down like that before. This is why we all secretly love Kylo Ren. It’s because Adam Driver is a mischievous babe.
When Scaring Your Boyfriend Backfires

This is the most wholesome thing I have ever read. I don’t know why getting excited to scare somebody silly is adorable, but somehow, it just is.
I want to know what happened next. Did she reveal herself? Did she get to scare him anyway?
TFW You Try To Open A Wine Bottle
If you thought getting wine stains out of your carpet was hard, try getting them off of drywall.
Now people are going to think that an actual murder took place in this house. I bet its property value is going to go way down.
Good Try, Little Dude
How can one gif be so wholesome and so cringey at the same time? His smile is actually perfect.
This is adorable, and it makes me never want to dab ever again in my whole life. This kid has perfected dabbing. There’s no reason for anyone else to do it now.
Somebody Tried To Use A Pressure Cooker

This picture makes me never want to cook anything ever again. I don’t want a pot lid lodged in my ceiling. If that means I only eat takeout from now on, then so be it.
Pressure cookers are just way too spooky. I don’t want anything under extreme pressure anywhere near my house.
How Not To Put On A Face Mask
This guy actually became a minor celebrity in Bogota after being asked to demonstrate putting on a face mask on live TV during the H1N1 flu scare.
I just want to know how this happened. Like, has he never seen a face mask before? Is this the first time he’s ever worn one?
This Dad Tried To Punish His Son

New technology is making disciplining kids way too difficult. You can’t say ‘you’re grounded” anymore because your kid will just have a Fortnite meeting with all of his friends.
You also can’t lock keys in a safe because the kid will just take the whole safe.
What Is Wrong With This Bird?
This guy tried really hard to get that robin out of his car. Unfortunately, Mr. Robin Readbreast just didn’t want to say goodbye.
Why can’t all birds be this friendly? I would love it if a robin didn’t want to leave me alone.
When Dad Tries To Be Cool

Swag out is the best way to end a conversation. I think I’m going to start using that line now. I’m going to make it my email signature.
This dad is so cool, he doesn’t even know how cool he is. He’s hip, he’s swag, he’s down with the lingo, all is well in the world.
He Tried To Get To Higher Ground

This cat is probably sedated. He’s just trying to live his normal kitty life, but the drugs are messing with his depth perception.
He’s just going to chill out on the floor for a bit. I think that’s the best course of action for him.
They Tried To Be Unique

I mean, at least they’re all wearing different shoes. And the styles of their pants are different, even if they’re all the same color.
If we all decide to be different, we’d all be the same. Isn’t that the great paradox of life? Keep reading to see some snowmen get swiped.
Karma At Work
I don’t fully understand this guy’s logic. You only have to start running after you leave the store. It’s not illegal to hold a product in a store.
If you start running early, you’re just notifying everyone around you that you’re probably committing a crime.
When You Try To Cover A ‘Slip Of The Tongue’

The thing is, when you try to cover a stupid mistake, you’re the one who ends up looking stupid.
An attempt was made, but it remained just that— an attempt. Sometimes attempts become failed attempts, and there’s nothing you or I can do about it.
Almost A Perfect Shot
Well, she hit something. It probably wasn’t the thing she was aiming for, but at least she hit something.
It just goes to show, if at first you don’t succeed, don’t try again because we can’t afford to lose another camera.
This Is Why You Always Leave A Note

I bet this dad didn’t expect his son to be a responsible adult and turn off the oven, but next time he’ll know to notify everybody in his household when he wants to slow cook something overnight.
Notes save lives, people (and Christmas).
He Had Some Trouble Removing His Headset
I cannot even explain to you how thankful I am that the cameraman decided to film this entire saga. This is way more entertaining than football.
When his shirt gets tied up in the front it looks like he’s ready for spring break. This looks like a man who needs a little bit of spring break in his life.
She Tried To Blackmail A Hockey Player

This is the best possible response to a blackmail attempt. Why would Jaromir Jagr care about this selfie?
He’s not married. She’s of age. Everything is kosher. Maybe she should have asked for less than $2000. Maybe she just shouldn’t try to blackmail people.
This Was Never Going To Work
I mean, they did get the bag down, so I guess this attempt was actually successful. A young boy just got hit in the face in the process.
That’s the price you pay for not thinking things through. Who knew that a tree and a bag could be a perfect dupe for a slingshot?

Article Credit : Postfun

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