Never Look at Time the Same Way Again With These Unique Clocks

There are days when things around your home or office bore you out for looking commonly the same. When you look at the clock, its hands repeat time as it usually does. This makes many of us wonder if the life we live in will constantly rotate the same for every twelve hours. But for some designers, making the most out of time is as important as making the most out of clocks. They have created unique and interesting pieces that will make your dull office, home and life revolve with more excitement and joy. Here are twelve of the strangest yet most wonderful clock designs to enliven your house or office and awe anyone who decides to pay a visit. 1. The Domino Clock In this world where people seem to always run out of time, this creative Domino Clock takes a simple, remarkable object to create a new way to tell time. It determines the movement of time without pressure and deadlines, quietly marking every passing minute. Carbon Design created this idea. 2. The Manifold Clock This clock design aims to depict the irony of time: it is ever changing yet it repeats itself. The hands of this clock are connected to a flexible sheet to create a 3D effect upon its movement. Through this unique design, its hand movements tells time traditionally. Also, its 3D effect that changes position each minute provides a new time reading method. It is a Studio Ve design. 3. Turntable Clock From the name itself, this clock is a recycled vintage Sanyo turntable with the album “Get It On” from Ronco’s Greatest Hits during the 1970’s. 4. RND Time RND Time clock is a brilliantly designed clock which randomly places its numbers on the wall to create an abstract effect. The name “RND” indicates its random feature. Progetti crafted this unique work. 5. The Pop Quiz Clock Calling all Mathematicians! This clock design uses complex mathematical problems to challenge all geek minds upon reading time. They say history repeats itself. This clock brings us back to the time when the smell of chalk and the chalkboard comes together while solving mathematical problems in front of the class. 6. Definition of Time This sculptural clock obviously does not aim to make time reading easy. Despite of that, it is puzzling and creates a great living room centerpiece. 7. Continue Time Smart enough, this clock breaks the conventional design of the hands connected to a central point. Instead, its pointers are connected and rotating around each other. For every second, this clock creates a kinetic artwork continuously changing its shape. Sander Mulder came up with this amazing idea. 8. It’s About Time This clock reminds us that time is running out in relation to global warming. In every passing minute, we should make efforts to counter the effects of global warming. Its hands are trying to communicate a message about the importance of time and the environment. 9. Little Time The Little Time clock contains small-sized numbers around it to tell time. Despite of that, its two hands contains magnifying glasses to enlarge the time they are pointing to. This is a great reminder for people to focus on the present despite of living in the past and worrying about what’s ahead. 10. The  Meaning of Time If you are tired of seeing your clock look the same everyday, this clock is ideal for you. You can use just about anything that fits through its holes as hands of the clock. It lets you use your creative mind in choosing unique hands to fit everyday. 11. The “Clock” Christiaan Posma’s design uses more than 150 synchronised clock mechanisms to rotate small metal bars that align to provide appropriate time in words. During their exact hour, the clock spells out the word “one” to “twelve” one by one. 12. Mhin Clock James Tobin’s Mhin Clock provides a calming home ambience to remove the rush of the day. It is made up of a ceramic body and rubber and metal hands. Just like a graph, it horizontally completes every minute and hour on the clock.

Article Credit : Ritely

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