35 Armpit Tattoos That Are Painfully Amusing

If your tolerance to pain is low, you should stop reading now. The armpit is one of the most painful areas on your body to get a tattoo. Despite the pain, ink lowers appreciate a good armpit tattoo. Why is that? Well, the armpit makes a huge impact, and the specific area allows for some creative ink choices. That being said, let’s take a look at some ideas for an armpit tattoo. That is if you can handle the pain. 1. Colorful Bee Photo: instagram.com We start off with something colorful and positive. Bees are an interesting choice, but what they symbolize is the reason we have them as a tattoo. Bees are hardworking, and they always get the job done. 2. Japanese Flower Photo: instagram.com The Japanese flower has become one of the more popular ink designs in the past several years. The best part about it is the colors. People that want to bring some colorfulness to their ink, cannot go wrong with a Japanese flower. And there are many other spots where you can put it. 3. Mushrooms Photo: instagram.comI love it when simple designs enter the world of tattoos. Like a mushroom. Who would’ve think of that? usually people go for some more symbolic and meaningful symbols. But a mushroom does the trick as well. 4. Hummingbird Photo: instagram.com Hummingbird is the best reminder to try and be better version of ourselves every day. The symbol means “seek the good and beauty in each day”. Now there is a good message to have as a tattoo, right? 5. Dotted Vortex Photo: pinterest.com Dotted tattoos are a huge trend lately. Dots make everything look better, more creative, and more artistic. Be it vortex, or any other item. Just be warned: dots take a lot of time. That means your painful tattoo will be even more painful. 6. Crawling Spider Photo: nextluxury.com Ah the spider, an ancient symbol of mystery, power and growth. There is a reason why Spider-man is one of the most popular heroes. And remember, the spider is a constant reminder that our choices define us. 7. Cat  And Jackal Photo: thepicta.comMany people think that jackals are a type of cat. No, they are a type of dog. They are in the same family with wolves and dogs. It is interesting to see the jackal in a pairing with cat, but it works. 8. Shark Photo: thepicta.comA symbol of strength, the shark is a perfect way to get a mainly tattoo in color. You can go different ways with the shark. You can make the tattoo look scary and fearless, or you can make it more normal. It is up to you. 9. Pineapple Photo:instagram.comI spoke previously how some designs make it into the world of tattoos for no reason at all. The pineapple is a perfect example for that. If you like to carry a fruit on your body, the pineapple is an interesting design though. 10. Black And White Monster Photo: instagram.com This tattoo is one of those designs designed to intimidate. One that is supposed to make you look stronger and more powerful. Well, it gets the job done. If that is your character, absolutely go for it. 11. Smiling Garlic Photo: instagom.com You will find several cute and adorable tattoos as well. It is funny, sometimes people opt for just that. This smiling garlic is just a unique ink in every way you look at it. Is there really a reason for a smiling garlic on your armpit? I assume the answer is no. But why not? 12. Cactus Photo: instagram.com There are some objects that are just colorful. They can add a ton of colors to your tattoo. And they look great doing that. The cactus is one of those. And yes, there is some symbolism behind the cactus. After all, it is the plant that can live without water. 13. Strawberries Photo: instagram.com Being that we are into the summer, I would love to give you some summery ideas for ink. Strawberries are one of those ideas. We had quite few fruits by now, and I can tell you we will have more down the road. 14. Cute Crab Photo: instagram.comIf you’ve ever seen a crab, you know they are not as cute as portrayed here. But there is no reason why you should not make your crab cute and adorable. After all, not all tattoos need to be scary. 15. Roaring Bear Photo: thepicta.comNow that is one scary tattoo. You want to spread fear, you go for a bear. It is that simple. And the design is just great. 16. Peacock Feather Photo: thepicta.comI must say, the peacock feather is one of my favorite designs of all time. It works for anything. Tattoos, accessories, pictures, just about anything you can think of. Such a mysterious and mythological symbol, the peacock feather is something you must have in your life. 17. Frog In Flower Photo: thepicta.comNow all you need to do is kiss the frog and he might turn out into a prince. Jokes aside, the tattoo looks natural, and brings a certain dose of nature to your body. 18. Blue Ribbon Cupcake Photo: instagram.comHow many of you are cupcake fans? For all the fans of sweets and candies, I give you the cupcake tattoo. And not just a regular cupcake. One with a ribbon. After all, it is a gift, right? 19. Cute Doggie Photo: sagie.esDogs a man’s best friend, right? There are so many breeds you can put as your tattoo. From small, to big breeds. And I have to tell you, all dogs are cute. Even those that the society condemns as scary, the pit bull for example 20. Stinky Pit Photo: instagram.comYou have to be able to joke and have fun, right? Well, we all hate stinky pits. And why not have fun with that? I love this tattoo, definitely. 21. Wormhole Entrance Photo: sagie.esIn the spirit of that stinky armpit, we have a more mystical tattoo. The wormhole is like the entrance to many bacteria that live and breed at your armpit. Fun way to show that. 22. Red And Yellow Roses Photo: thepicta.com From mystical, to cute and romantic. We move into the world of flowers. The rose is the most commonly used flower as a tattoo. The reason is simple, a rose can symbolize many different things, depending on the form and color. 23. Flower With Cheetah Pattern Photo: thepicta.com Speaking of flowers, what do you think about this one? The cheetah pattern is definitely one of the more interesting animal patterns. And it complements the simplicity of the flower perfectly. 24. Mandala Pattern Photo: instagram.com You just have to have a mandala. It is that simple. The mandala design has entered our lives, and it is here to stay. This spiritual and and ritual symbol represents the universe. And while it is common in Buddhism, mandala has entered the Western world as well. 25. Flower With Leaves Photo: instagram.com Another flower tattoo, another ink design with a lot of colors. Flowers always bring colors to the table, and it is no different in this case. The best part about flowers is they leave a lot of wiggle room for artistic freedom. 26. Compass Photo: noticiasaominuto.com You will never be lost right? It’ been a while since the compass symbol was one of the more popular symbols. But it is an all time classic. 27. Spider Web Photo: instagram.com I talked about the meaning of spider web when we had a spider tattoo. Just as the spider constructs its web, we construct our live with every choice we make on a daily basis. That is some deep meaning, right? 28. Poppy Flower Photo:   instagram.com I am a big fan of minimalistic art. Be it in interior design, fashion, or in the world of tattoos. And this one definitely falls into the area of minimalism. A simple line leading up to a flower? That is what I call minimalism. 29. Optical Illusion Hole Photo: health.detik.com If nothing else, you will definitely make people look at you for more than 10 seconds. One would have to spend few moments gazing at your tattoo before he/she understands it is just an optical illusion. Just make sure you are real, not an illusion. 30. Chieftain Feather Hat Design Photo: instagram.com People are always looking for inspiration in the past. Be it the word of Ancient times, or Native Americans. The world of Native American never ceases to amaze. And it is no surprise why people still look for inspiration in this mythical period. 31. Flowers In Wind Photo: instagram.com You might say I love flowers way too much. Well, there is no limit on that. Flowers are definitely great. And since they are so versatile, I wanted to give you several different ideas for flower tattoos. 32. Marshy Spiderweb Photo: thepicta.com We had a classic and standard spider web. But even with the spider web you can experiment with different ideas. I know you probably thought spider web cannot have some colors. Well, I am here to prove you wrong. 33.  Black And White Sunflower Photo: instagram.com Now, a sunflower is usually yellow. After all, it is named after the sun. But if you like to emphasize the shape, design, and texture of the sunflowers, black and white ink is a much better option. 34. Black And White Crystal Flower Photo: instagram.com Speaking of black and white, we have another flower that looks awesome. Black and white is a timeless combination, and that applies for the world of tattoos as well. Who says flowers have to be colorful? Yes, usually colors are the reason to get flower ink. But you can think outside of the box every now and then. 35. Comic WOW! Photo: instagram.com Well, we are at the end, and as we finish the list of armpit tattoos, I just wanted to say “WOW”. Did you like the ideas? If you did, share them. And if you have any other ideas for ink designs, share them as well with the rest of us.

Article Credit : Ritely

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